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About Senstar Technologies

Company Overview

Senstar Technologies is a leading international provider of intelligent and comprehensive security solutions including perimeter intrusion detection (PIDS), video and security management software (VMS & SMS), video analytics, and access control products and technologies. Through its subsidiary company, Senstar Corporation, it has designed, developed and delivered innovative security solutions to thousands of customers in over 100 countries for 40 years.

Senstar is focused on providing high value solutions for the utilities, logistics, corrections, and energy markets. Other markets served include transportation, military and borders.

Senstar Technologies trades on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the symbol SNT.

  • Senstar Technologies Ltd.

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  • Senstar

    Visit to learn more about Senstar’s comprehensive suite of proven, integrated products and technologies; as well as markets served and services.

Executive Management

Board of Directors

  • Gillon Beck, Chairman

    Mr. Beck was named Chairman of the Board in October 2014. Mr. Beck has been a senior partner with FIMI since 2003 and is the chairman and director of several other companies related to FIMI. For more information about FIMI, visit

  • Moshe Tsabari

    Mr. Tsabari joined the board of directors in October 2014. Mr. Tsabari is a senior partner of “GME Trust” company and the founder of the ‘International institute for Researching the Arab World’.

  • Avraham Bigger

    Mr. Bigger joined the board of directors in October 2014. Mr. Bigger is the owner and director of Bigger Investment Ltd. and has served as a member of the board of directors in leading banks, industries and communication companies.

  • Limor Steklov

    Mrs. Steklov joined the board of directors as an external director in August 2019. Mrs. Steklov is the CFO and Director of TNT Express worldwide (Israel) Ltd. and Fedex Express Israel international Ltd., subsidiaries of FedEx Express, which is part of Fedex Corp.

  • Jacob Berman

    Mr. Berman joined the board of directors in 2003. Mr. Berman is the president of JB Advisors, an advisory firm in New York and the chairman of the board of Israel Discount Bank of New York.

  • Amit Ben-Zvi

    Mr. Ben-Zvi joined the board of directors in 2023. He has served as a Senior Partner of FIMI Opportunity Fund since 2012. Mr. Ben-Zvi holds a B.A. degree in Accounting and a LL.B. degree from Tel Aviv University.

Diversity of the Board of Directors

Board Diversity Matrix (As of April 28, 2023)

Country of Principal Executive Offices Israel
Foreign Private Issuer Yes
Disclosure Prohibited under Home Country Law No
Total Number of Directors 6
Part I: Gender Identity Female Male Non-Binary Did Not Disclose Gender
Directors 1 5 0 0
Part II: Demographic Background  
Underrepresented Individual in Home Country 0
Did Not Disclose Demographic Background 6

Corporate Governance

Senstar Technologies Ltd. is committed to operating according to a Code of Ethics and Business Conduct that has been specifically designed to guarantee compliance and obligation to applicable laws and regulations.

  • Quality Assurance

    Senstar Technologies is committed to manage a process that promotes, reinforces and ensures customer satisfaction throughout a project’s life cycle. Our basic principles reflect our commitment to providing high-quality solutions, and demonstrate integrity and credibility towards our stakeholders worldwide in all aspects of our business endeavors.

  • Governance and Auditing

    Senstar Technologies’ audit committee consists of three board members in compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission, NASDAQ and Israeli law for audit committee members. The audit committee meets at least once each quarter and reviews the internal controls of the company and the internal auditor’s audit annual plan.

  • Environment and Community

    Senstar Technologies is dedicated to the environment and the communities in which it operates. We manage a process that promotes, reinforces and ensures compliance with international environmental standards and regulations. Senstar Technologies performs according to guidelines and requirements that reduce and minimize environmental hazards, and that are designed to help create and preserve a clean and safe world. Senstar Technologies contributes to community relations and social responsibility by encouraging involvement of employees in the community′s daily life assisting less fortunate groups.

  • Conflict Mineral

    Senstar Technologies has evaluated its current product lines and determined that certain minerals, necessary to the functionality and/or production of the products we manufacture, or contract to manufacture, contain tin, tungsten, tantalum, or gold (3TG), which are defined as “conflict minerals” by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Accordingly, Senstar Technologies has filed a Disclosure Report along with a Conflict Minerals Report to disclose the measures we have taken to determine the origin of the conflict minerals used in our products.

    Our 2022 SD Form (PDF)

  • Code of Ethics

    Senstar Technologies believes that conducting Company’s business honestly, ethically and with integrity are crucial to the Company’s continued success and growth and are essential attributes of the Company’s reputation. We strongly believe that a reputation for honesty is a priceless asset.

    Our Code of Ethics (PDF)